I love software development. I’m a generalist and I like learning new things all the time. I particularly enjoy functional programming, because I believe it can reduce the complexity of code. And also extreme programming, including practices like pair programming and test-driven design. I also enjoy teaching others about it, for example at conferences, or using coding dojos.

About My Blog

I decided it's time for my own blog "out there". I like to write a blog post now and then, and I like it to be accessible. I also like it to be privacy-friendly. No tracking pixels, social network cookies, no paywall, etc. Just me, you, and the content.

The name "Unfolded" has two sides to it. On the one hand it's about unfolding things in the sense of explaining them. And on the other hand it's a reference to the functional programming primitive unfold, which is not as famous as fold by a long stretch, but also quite useful and a good example of things that I might enjoy discussing on this blog.

Please enjoy my articles, and share them if you like them. You'll have to do so manually, because I won't facilitate all kinds of companies tracking you.