Here's a few posts that I published elsewhere, before starting this blog. This is not an exhaustive list, just a few interesting things.

  • May 2020: Implementing Form Validation Without Conditional Logic – Using clever data types to reduce the possibilities for mistakes. About using functional programming concepts, specifically Either, to reduce the possibilities for mistakes. From that post:

    Today I want to show you a neat technique for form validation. Almost every web app will eventually have a form somewhere, and the user input of that form usually needs to be validated. You can do that by writing lots of conditions all over the place, but in this post I will show you that you can do it without any single condition except for the validation logic itself. But the rest of the app, including the UI, doesn’t have conditional logic. That’s great, because it significantly reduces the number of mistakes (bugs) you can make. To understand this post, you don’t need any specific knowledge or experience.

  • April 2019: React Native Navigation and ClojureScript – A beginner’s guide to realizing proper navigation in a React Native application using ClojureScript and shadow-cljs]

  • February 2019: Mob Programming

    Last week I was lucky to be able to attend a workshop about “mob programming”, given by Woody Zuill. As somebody who considers himself “agile” (in the original sense of the word) and who is a proponent of extreme programming, I liked it a lot. In this article I’m sharing some of my findings and learnings.